Action Not Required

action req

You know the saying about how working is so…wait, no. Ok so, you know how sometimes when you get to work and…hmm…nah that won’t work either. You know what? Nevermind. I thought I’d try to come up with a clever and “bloggy-like” (yep!) way to say that work was super busy today and I almost pulled my hair out. Then, segway into a deep anecdote and end with a “having employment is a blessing!” speech and “The end.” type of thing. Clearly, that’s not working so since we’re family, and we’re here now, let’s just cut to the chase. *shrugs*

So, I was sitting at my work desk taking an abundance of calls due to our east coast office being closed because of a snowstorm. On each of our calls, we create cases to send to local divisions across the nation. Many of our cases are created and left incomplete with the status of “action required.” I’ve developed this habit, during my time working with the company, of documenting different case numbers on a notepad that I want to check on further down the line to see what ended up happening. It’s almost become an obsession.

You may be wondering what the big deal is with that. Well, typically, we are not responsible for following up on these cases. The idea is that we are the initial point of contact, we create a case outlining the need in detail, and the case is then sent where it needs to go with the expectation that a resolution will follow upon arrival. My obsession is the resolution. I speak with these customers regarding different issues, build rapport, and get slightly invested during the conversation. Once I send over the case for a resolution, I find myself feeling the urge to follow it to completion. I mean, I started it and I want to know how it was resolved. 

And so my desktop sticky note remains loaded with various numbers that I itch to return to daily and just…see what happened. I was adding another case number to my list when I heard God say, “And now you understand.” My mind was then flooded with thoughts of different scenarios throughout my life past and present and, “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it…” began to replay. He went on to express how much more it must mean to Him that He sees the GOOD work that He begins in each and every one of us to completion.

As much as I long to see what I start at work end successfully, as much as I can’t help but write down my cases to follow up, even though I have no requirement whatsoever to do so (insert praise), HOW MUCH MORE DOES IT MEAN TO HIM to do the same for us? His special cases? And we’re not even going to get on the fact that He even sees fit to begin a good work in US (unworthy) but goes a step further and promises to perfect and work it to completion until Jesus’ return? Talk about dedication! My. God! Great is your faithfulness! Listen love, be CONVINCED and confident of this one thing if nothing else. He will never leave His work pending in “action required.” (Philippians 1:6)

Case closed. 



Sicily, 2018. Ya’ girl insecurity struts into the room. Dope outfit. Bundles on fleek. Proudly strolling like she was invited to the party as the guest of honor. But the jokes.on.her. 

AMBUSH! *insert evil laugh*

Ambushing is one of the major strategies of war. It’s a surprise attack designed to catch the adversary off guard. How does this floozy Insecurity fit in, you ask? Because she will not be expecting it. Why? For the longest, she’s walked around switching her hips thinking she runs the place and…well…she did for awhile right? I mean, none of us really wanted to be her friend. It just…happened. It’s the friendship you really know has run it’s course and you’ve completely outgrown but can’t completely shake. And it’s been so long that now you’re in even deeper because the circle has grown.

Over time, she invited other friends that really weren’t your cup of tea either like Fear, Shame, and nappy-headed Inadequacy. I mean the crew wasn’t even all that dope but you settled and accepted it for so long that it just became…normal. “How in the world do I even part with this reckless crew even though I know that they’re reckless, and have recked me, and that recklessness should be enough to simply bounce but…I kind of…wait. Maybe I do fit in here. Or…maybe I’m just very comfortable. I mean, they accept me and honestly, have always been there, right?” HOL’UP! (Screeching tires right about…here!)

This my friends is the point where I decided to butt in! See, I was asked to clarify the purpose behind my blog after my initial post. And, honestly, this was actually a consideration of mine when I decided to create it. There was some concern that my title could come across as glorifying insecurity. Chile, please! By no means! However, if being transparent about different struggles and exposing those bad boys is considered glory then GLORAY, HALLELU!

The underlying goal is to get to know the innermost parts of those things that plague us. Where they come from, why they’re here…their purpose. What makes them flourish? Then, ultimately, how to destroy them! How can we declare war on our enemies without first knowing them and their tactics fully? And we must also know ourselves and the weaknesses within us that could cause us to sabotage the war.

One of the most important steps in an ambush is clear predetermination of the adversary. We need to establish a clear understanding of who we are fighting so that when we wage war, we WIN! Well, actually, we always win. “But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Corinthians 15:57. Anyhoo, you get my drift. Apart of the definition of predetermine, when predetermining our target, is to predestine an outcome of a course of events. Things were predestined for us from the very beginning. It is still our responsibility, however, to position ourselves for ease of war. We are not always in a position to ambush, but if I know my target, I can control the impact of any backlash. 

So, I want to leave us with a challenge. No, that was not a typo. Our challenge is to establish the target. Who/what is it in your life that needs to be ambushed? I mean completely caught off guard because they were.not.ready for what’s about to knock them upside the head! No longer peeking and sneaking around the corner anticipating or avoiding, but setting up for the ambush! Get a journal and get ready to reflect because there’s more to come! 

Talk to ya’ soon,


Insecure…Now What?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. What’s next? Besides a severe over usage of ellipses while stating the obvious? Oh nothing. Except, Im on a journey. A journey to fully embrace me. To fully embrace me. To fully embrace me. Wait. Like… fully or fully? (Don’t back down now!) YES. FULLY. 

You see, I’ve decided to start with those thing’s that we could deem more obvious. All the things that everyone notices…ok maybe just me. But eventually, I’ll be facing all the things that plague me. Internally. The things that have followed and stuck to me so long. Kind of like that irking piece of chewed up gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe. And if it’s tough enough, like Bubblelicious maybe, keeps you stuck in one place. Yep. I think I’ll start with the obvious things. Then we dig.




Into the heart. 




Into the mind. 




Into the pain…past and present.

DIG, as in breaking up, digging or moving earth with a plow or machine. Or with hands. Or paws. A snout. Whatever the tool is, the key is to dig. To work at it. And my tool of choice is…transparency. You see, most of my (and your) insecurities and issues are rooted in fear. Fear of everything, and everybody, real or imagined. *insert eye roll and head shake* When we highlight, reveal, and face these things head on, we’re able to see past the perceived threat. At this point, the irrationality becomes crystal clear. And we see the world in a different light and fear for what it really is (which we’ll dive into later, trust me.)

So, for some ridiculous reason, I’ve decided to share the journey with you. Actually, the reason isn’t so outlandish. See, I recognize that there are quite a few others who deal with some of the things I’ll make reference to. I’ll put myself out on a limb…as long as you come along and overcome with me. We’ll do this together, ok? *insert pinky swear*